Formal Water Features in Landscape Design

Sometimes you want to wear flip flops and shorts, and sometimes you want to rock a more classic look. Formal water features never go out of style!

Gene Kelly is ALWAY classy.

Your garden feels the same way. How about some formal fountain ideas?

formal water features

Here’s a classic fountain. Concrete basin, carved stone or precast coping, and a statue. Very old school formal.

formal water features

The formal geometry of this fountain gives it formality. So does the way it sits in a very formal geometrically laid out garden, which unfortunately doesn’t really show in this photo.

formal water features

Reflecting pools? Almost always formal. This one sure is.

Don’t think that you have to live on a palatial estate with some grand home with turrets and a mansard roof to pull off a formal water feature. A formal fountain can be a great way of pulling some of the structure of the house way out into the garden. We design custom water features for our clients (like this Oakton Virginia water feature!) but you can also get a great deal on a fountain or water feature here. This is an affiliate link; I may get a commission if you buy from them. 


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    June 13, 2011 REPLY

    I almost always prefer the clean lines of geometry. Elegant and refined in any setting, just like that polo and jeff-cap!

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