Landscape Design

I run this Culpeper landscape design firm because no one deserves a boring yard. When I walk into someone’s home for an initial meeting, what do I see? Furniture for they way they’re living today. Art and accessories that show what they think is great. When we walk back outside, what do I see all too often? A lifeless patio and a few plants that the builder included. You won’t spend time outside if you don’t love the space. I’m here to help you fall in love with your landscape. That’s a process, though.


The Landscape Design Process

It all starts with a phone call. If you want to get the ball rolling over email you can send me your name, number, and best time to call- but I like to discuss your project with you before we get together. If I know what you’re hoping to achieve, I can make sure that I bring the right photos and materials to our first meeting. It helps get the dialogue going.


That’s the important word: dialogue. I don’t believe in wasting your time with involved contact forms or making you fill out detailed questionnaires. Those are tools used by companies who want to process as many clients through the cattle chute as possible in the shortest amount of time. The initial consultation at your property is YOUR time. We’ll walk the site and discuss where you are, how well it is (or isn’t) working, and where you’re trying to go. It’s also an opportunity for me to show you a little more about how Revolutionary Gardens works, what I’ve done for past clients, and what I can do for you.


After we’ve discussed your project at length, I’ll prepare a design proposal. The proposal spells it all out: what we’re designing, how much the landscape design will cost, what documents we’re presenting at the end, and when we’ll be back to present your plan to you.

Each landscape design is tailored to your individual needs, but typically I provide a scaled, plan-view drawing of the project, with all plants and finishes clearly identified. I also like to include a full-color booklet of photographs of the plants I’m recommending, along with photos of the hardscape finishes and materials I’m recommending.

If your project involves structure (deck, porch, custom arbor or trellis, etc.), I’ll also provide elevation drawings to give a better representation of how your project will look. If we feel it will help to communicate the design intent, I may even provide sketches or 3D computer-generated views of the proposed landscape design.

The cost for planting plans typically starts at $500-700; hardscape plans (patios, walls, fireplaces, etc) generally start at $900-1,200. Design fees are determined by the scope of work, complexity of the site, and what deliverables (concept plans, construction/permit drawings, 3D work) are included. We will begin work on the design phase of the project after we have processed your signed contract and deposit.


After I get your signed proposal and deposit, I’ll come out and measure your property. I document everything in the area we’re redesigning, locating windows, doors, downspouts, and outlets; located existing trees and hardscapes; and recording grade information. All this information is integrated into a base map in AutoCAD and I can begin the design process


I roll your base map out on the drafting table and start figuring out space, flow, circulation, and function. There’s no magic “design” button; I just work at your drawing until I reach the right solution.


When I have the drawings completed, I’ll contact you to set up a meeting to review the design and the related documents. Final payment is due, at which point all the materials are yours to keep. You can install all or part of the project as you see fit, or you can retain us to manage the install and continue into the next phase.

I can also provide either an estimate from a local contractor to complete the project, or a ballpark “budgeting reference” based on similar past projects.


Once your design is complete, landscape installation is the next step!

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