Because I make it known that I will talk about landscape and design topics for as long as someone will let me, I get to talk to reporters. Sometimes it’s about my projects, other times it’s general landscape or design info. Here’s a list of articles that either interview me or mention me:

DIY Home Projects: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them by Julia Weaver, Redfin

Hot Tub Landscaping for the Beginner on a Budget by Matt Giovanisci, Swim University

 Front Porch Facelift Capitalizes on Small Space, Washington Examiner

8 Dos and Don’ts for Landscaping a Colonial Home by Genevieve Schmidt, Landscaping Network

Guest Post: 5 Seamless Ways to Integrate a Retaining Wall Into Your Swimming Pool Project, posted on the blog at River Pools

Three Tips for Turning Bad Weather into Revenue by Jennifer Goforth Gregory, Infusionsoft Blog

Designing in the 3rd Dimension by Tom Hatlen, Hardscape Magazine

22 Landscape Lighting Ideas: See How the Pros Use Outdoor Lighting to Highlight Landscape Design and Beautiful Exteriors by Karin Beuerlein for DIY Network

Living Green: Essential Tools for Organic Gardening by Barb Webb for CraveLocal

How to Landscape Around Your In-Ground Pool in a Weekend by Matt Giovanisci, Swim University

Tracking Time vs. Measuring Value by Sarah Pfledderer

A review of one of my garden club talks by Susan Harris

Color Forces: a look at the latest trends in 2013 plant color and variety 

Old House Vineyards Aging Well by John Hagarty

Making the Most of Outdoor Living by Jennifer Shapira, Northern Virginia Magazine

Far-Flowing Reach: Rain gardens are coming into demand for their environmental benefits by Stacie Zinn Roberts, Lawn and Landscape Magazine

Turn Up the Heat in Your Patio or Yard by Sarah Ristorcelli

7 Terrible Gardening Tips to Ignore by Mary Fetzer

Seed or Sod? What You Need to Know About Growing Your Lawn by Kristen Castillo

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