Outdoor Lighting

Do you still get to enjoy your whole property when the sun goes down? Or does your beautiful landscape get reduced to a tight circle of light around your patio? Outdoor lighting can take your landscape installation from good to great.

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Remember the motel chain whose slogan was “we’ll leave a light on for you?” It resonated because it’s a powerful image. At the end of a long journey, late at night, seeing a welcoming glow is a wonderful thing. Outdoor lighting makes your home a welcome destination for you and for your loved ones. It also provides some important functional benefits as well.

culpeper landscape lighting

A good landscape lighting system makes your home less attractive to burglars, offering them nowhere to hide. It also provides safety, making it easy to see where paths end and to locate steps.

accent outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can also be dramatic. If you have a feature, a plant, or a piece of art that you want to highlight, accent lighting can accomplish just that.

What does an outdoor lighting system cost?

There are several factors in the cost of an outdoor lighting system. The first is the fixtures themselves. Aluminum, brass, and copper fixtures carry a higher price tag but are the most likely to give a long service life with few issues. LED fixtures will cost more up front than halogen fixtures, but the cost savings in seen over time in both energy used and replacement bulb costs.

Your low voltage lighting transformer is the most expensive single item in your outdoor lighting system. For that reason, we recommend having a professional landscape design  created that includes a full lighting plan, even if you’re doing the project in phases. That way we can provide a transformer scaled to your eventual needs. Outdoor lighting is modular, allowing you to add to the system over time.

Starting costs for a professionally installed landscape lighting system are around $2,500 for 8 to 10 fixtures. The final cost varies depending on the size of the property and what you’re looking to illuminate.

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