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    February 20, 2023 REPLY

    Hello, I’m looking for someone to design and build a low deck approximately 550 sq ft. Thank you,
    Margaret King

    April 3, 2023 REPLY

    Good morning,

    I appreciate your time and hope your day is going well! I am a local from Culpeper County, VA and am currently enrolled in college classes at a nearby community college to obtain my Associates Degree in Science. I have obtained my Associates Degree in General studies in 2020, but have decided to pursue the sciences further. I was seeking employment at your company to increase my hands-on experience in within the designing field, and it pertains to my talents as I am an intermediate painter/ drawing artist. I specialize in natural sketches such as landscapes, buildings, etc. I was curious to know if your business was hiring, or involved with, any internship/apprenticeship programs. Again, thank you for your time!


    Emily O’Brien

    January 29, 2024 REPLY

    Hi Dave, We are from Ohio but our ancestor, Thomas Shaw, fought in the Revolutionary War and owned land in Culpeper! We visited the beautiful Minute Men memorial site and enjoyed looking around the area. Your site is terrific and your design ideas are wonderful. It is very helpful to see the progression of the projects, moreso than seeing only one Before shot. Your dry creek drainage ideas are spot on and we are wrestling with the problem. Your explanation of the issue (growing trees and too much shade and swale) and your suggestions to fix the problem are much appreciated. Thanks for sharing. Kind Regards, Janet

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