Pond install in Prince William County

We do a lot of work by referral, and this pond install in Prince William County was no exception. These homeowners had lived on a large wooded lot for many years. With the exception of a beautiful deck, the backyard hadn’t received a whole lot of love. They decided it was time to change that, asked around, and one of our past clients recommended us.

Our homeowner had always wanted a pond in the backyard. She and her husband clearly thought long and hard about it, and their initial email was accompanied by a photo of how they wanted the pond laid out.

Once I knew the desired size, I could plan accordingly within the space they had. As you can see in the original photo, the pond would be tucked into a pretty significant slope. A slope = runoff, and that’s the last thing you want in a pond. To avoid this, the pond would be elevated a little and supported with a dry-stacked fieldstone wall. Our homeowners also wanted the back wall of the pond to have the look of a stacked stone wall, instead of the natural boulders we typically use.

With an agreed upon plan of action, we broke ground on our pond install in Prince William County. The lower wall went in at the same time we started the hole for the pond.

The stonework supporting the spillway stone was slow going, but it was worth the wait!

2018 was an incredibly rainy year, which wreaked havoc with our schedule. It felt wonderful to get the plants in place and watch the water flow. The curved back wall amplifies the sound and directs it right at the deck, which our clients love.

Even single digit temperatures in early 2019 couldn’t stop the water!

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