Fredericksburg landscape photo

Culpeper Plantings

Unlike the nursery rhyme there are no silver bells or cockleshells in our gardens. There are, however, some of the highest quality trees, shrubs, and perennials I’ve been able to track down in our area.

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Lake Anna planting design

perennials and shrubs Lake Anna
Viewed through lush landscaping, Lake Anna never looked so good!

This Lake Anna landscaping project was one I almost passed on. We didn’t do the stonework, and it can be a hassle trying to create beautiful plantings in the openings left for us by non-plant people. I’m glad I said yes!

Fredericksburg planting design

It’s Fredericksburg, so brick columns and boxwood are right at home in this landscape design!

For this landscape installation in Fredericksburg two things made it work: the fact that I love boxwood, and deer do not. Located next to the Chancellorsville battlefield, this property had a lot of deer just waiting for a free lunch. With six different flavors of boxwood and a few other deer-resistant plants, we left our four-legged buddies with no choice but to move along.

Culpeper winery planting design

A custom trellis and a boxwood hedge welcome visitors to this Culpeper landscaping project

Since 2009, we’ve been lucky enough to do the planting design for Old House Vineyards in Culpeper. It’s been wonderful to help care for the gardens as they’ve grown in, and having a glass of wine with your clients is always welcome!

Even more Fredericksburg landscape plantings!

allium blooms behind a fence in a Fredericksburg VA landscape design
Alliums welcome spring in this Fredericksburg backyard landscape
entry to a secret garden Fredericksburg landscape contractor
pool deck and dogwoods in a Fredericksburg landscape design
In a few months, the hydrangeas will explode into bloom. In the meantime, this Kousa dogwood is the star of this Fredericksburg landscape design
This combination of leucanthemum (Shasta daisy), perovskia (Russian sage), and hemerocallis (daylily) is just… *MWAH*!

I was initially brought into this project by a local Fredericksburg poolbuilder who needed help with designing… everything. You can learn more about that Fredericksburg landscape design here. All the hardscape elements wrapped up in the first year, but the plantings have been evolving over time as the needs of the homeowners – and the needs of the site – have changed. We also provide landscape maintenance services for this property, keeping it looking its best.

Bethesda planting design

I don’t often cross the “Potomac Ocean”, but when I do? I make it count! This front yard landscape design in Bethesda turned a boring, ivy-colored hillside into a lush, beautiful landscape.