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Culpeper Landscape Portfolio


perennials and shrubs Lake Anna

I love building things (thus all the projects you see below), but I really, really love plants! While we can create a planting in any style you want, when left to my own devices I like lush, layered plant beds that are deceptively easy to care for. You can see our plantings here. -> plantings

Patios & Walks

What material is right for you? Flagstone? Pavers? Something else entirely? Because we start with a beautiful landscape design, whatever you choose will look great. Click here to see our patios and walks. -> patios & walks

Pools & Ponds

The sound of gently running water soothes us after a long day. A thundering waterfall drowns out cars and neighbors and makes a backyard feel cozier. You can create a relaxing swimming pool or the neighborhood party spot. We’ve done all this and more – click here to see our pools and ponds. -> pools and ponds


I pride myself on my ability to reduce the size and number of walls in my landscape designs. Walls can be costly! If I *do* use them in my landscape designs, you’ll know 1) they were needed and 2) they’ll look great. Click here to see what our walls look like. -> walls

Fireplaces & Firepits

Show of hands – how many of you have turned the TV to a looping video of a fireplace at the holidays? From the pop of the wood to the dancing flames, we love to gather around a fire. Take a look at some of our fireplaces and firepits. -> outdoor fireplaces and firepits

Outdoor Kitchens

Once our nation’s top scientists have solved our other problems, they can turn to answering a question that mankind has faced for years: why DOES food taste so much better when cooked outside? I don’t know the answer (yet), so for now you can take a look at some of our outdoor kitchen designs here. -> outdoor kitchens

Pergolas & Decks

Thoughtfully designed, decks are a wonderful transition space between the inside and outside of your home. They come with a variety of options for the decking and the railings, and can easily become an extension of your home’s architecture. A pergola gives shade for decks, patios and rooftops, and can be anything from clean and modern to appropriate for a classic home. See our decks and pergolas here. -> pergolas & decks

Pavilions and porches

Not every landscape designer can design large structures like pavilions and porches, but it’s one of my favorite project types. Each new design is a wonderful space planning exercise, and working on framing plans is strangely soothing. Take a look at these porches and pavilions. ->pavilions and porches

Featured projects

If you want to see a detailed explanation of how we went from start to finish on a few projects, just click one of the links below.

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