Estate Gardening

Larger properties have different needs than your typical residential lot. Extensive planting beds over several acres, multiple buildings, fencelines, and more demand a special approach. Estate gardening is more than just landscape maintenance – it’s guiding the development of a large landscape over time.


Our estate gardening process

If you have a large property we’d love to help you make it amazing. Whether we’re working with the owner or an owner’s representative, we’ll conduct an initial site assessment and draw up maintenance plan based on the frequency with which you want our skilled horticulturists to visit your property.

Once the estate gardening maintenance plan is drawn up, we’ll get started. You’ll get a reminder the week before our scheduled visit. Once we’re done, you’ll receive an email detailing everything we did that visit, and laying out the goals for the following visit. We’ll also compile this information in a shared cloud storage platform so that we can review all our notes in one place. Your property is a significant investment and we want to be sure we’re achieving all the goals we’ve agreed upon.

We also offer landscape design services for our estate gardening clients. A landscape master plan is a useful tool for large properties. It gives us an opportunity to identify and inventory existing plant material, note problematic plant beds and plants with health issues, and assess what’s working – and what isn’t.

Once the landscape master plan is created, we can determine what phases fall under the umbrella of a landscape construction project, and what can be added to your regular estate gardening visits. The design process allows us to provide maximum value for your property care investment.

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