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About Dave Marciniak

As an annoying little kid, I had an answer for everything – except the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I knew I liked to draw, to build stuff, and to be outside. I liked to solve puzzles, loved writing, enjoyed science, and enjoyed zigging when everyone was zagging. Little did I know, those were the ingredients in a recipe for a landscape designer.

I grew up in Rhode Island, and started working in the landscape business in the early 1990s. It was my brother’s company, and he’s been a terrific resource for me as I’ve grown into my role in the industry. After college I moved to San Diego where I learned the joys of tropical plants, and later xeriscaping. I even got to spend some time running the grounds crew for the Salk Institute in La Jolla. I didn’t really “get” modern architecture until I spent every day surrounded by Louis I. Kahn’s genius.

Somehow I got bored with perfect weather and gorgeous beaches, so I moved to Phoenix. I took some time away from the landscape industry and picked up some business skills that have helped me make Revolutionary Gardens a successful company. I also went back to school, this time for interior design. The knowledge I gained has made me a better landscape designer, and I credit my ability to create outdoor spaces that are just right to Celestino, my space planning instructor.

While in Arizona, I met my wife, Mindy. We got married, and when she was offered a job at the University of Mary Washington we packed up and came back to the east coast. I’ve lived in Culpeper, Virginia since 2005. For the first three years, I worked for an exceptional family-run landscape design-build firm in northern Virginia. Then the recession happened, and I was let go with no notice. Since no one was hiring, I decided to do what I had always wanted to do. And thus, Revolutionary Gardens was started at the worst possible time. A combination of passion, luck, hard work, and stubbornness got it off the ground, and here we are.

When not working, I love to cook, play board games, and work on various projects around the house. You should check out what my Culpeper landscape looks like! We also have a huge spot in our lives that’s occupied by our dogs. Bonnie came from the Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue. Jazzy came to us via HART. Both are great organizations if you’re looking to add some dog to your life.