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Allow me to introduce myself | Juliette Blew

Hello everyone! My name is Juliette and I’m just starting out here at Revolutionary Gardens. In my first two days I have already been able to learn and do so much, and I’m excited for what the future holds for me here! Allow me to tell you a little bit more about myself.

I’m from Pittsburgh, PA, ready to transplant to Northern VA once I graduate. I am a landscape architecture student at Penn State, with just one semester left in my studies. I will be spending my final semester this fall studying abroad in Bonn, Germany. Last summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain, and I am really looking forward to travelling again and learning more on the global perspectives of landscape architecture. Also, Oktoberfest.

View of Barcelona I captured from  Bunkers del Carmel

I have a pretty wide range of interests. I love art and writing, and am always looking for new ways to express myself. I am so lucky to have been able to spend my educational career exploring these interests, taking advantage of classes ranging from creative writing to sculpture, printmaking, and ceramics. I am looking to build a career where I can combine all of my creative interests with my love of the outdoors to educate, intrigue, and inspire.

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    August 5, 2019 REPLY

    Hi Juliette! I don’t live in VA, but am trying to design my garden (here in PA). I have some drawings and ideas for plants, and a few pictures, but no way to visualize the final product. Does you firm contract out renderings? Will this information be enough for a rendering?

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