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Nokesville Landscape Design & Driveway Case Study

A driveway? Really? I know, but bear with me – it’s totally worth it!

Two springs ago, I met with a couple (they’re referenced in my post “Do I Really Need a Landscape Designer“?) to do a complete landscape master plan. One of the issues we talked about was the driveway:

I mean, really. This is how guests enter the property? This is the first view of your house – your garage? We can do better.

And we did! There are several issues to consider when making a major change like relocating a driveway. You have to look at basics like drainage, and slope, and buried utilities, and staying off large tree roots when possible. There are specific vehicular concerns as well. How much space do you need to safely (and confidently) back out of the garage? Where do guests park? Ideally, you also want to consider the turning radius of fire engines or other emergency equipment. Designing for big vehicles has a payoff. If Tanker 12 can make it down the driveway, so can a Miata.

Anyhow, here’s the new approach to the house:

As you can see, guests get to actually take in more of the property and enjoy the view of what’s actually a pretty, brick house. The gentle curve leads around to a guest parking area immediately adjacent to the new front walk, which as the plants fill in will be partially screened from the garage parking area.

Ok, it’s not all puppies and rainbows. One thing the homeowner told me is now that she actually sees her front door every day, she’s realized she really wants to paint it a different color. Here I am, making more work for her…

What change would make your property better? If you’re not sure but you know something isn’t working… give me a call!

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