Kousa Dogwood | Cornus kousa

February 15, 2019 Dave Marciniak 0 Comments

Every landscape designer wants their customers to be successful with their plantings. That can be hard when our clients want plants that are a little fussy or finicky. I like recommending nearly bulletproof plants like Kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa).

Kousa dogwood blooms in late spring, with loads of large, white flowers. After flowering, the tree sets small red fruits. The fall color is also a treat, with the green leaves turning reddish-purple as the season wears on. Kousa dogwoods work well for everything from planting along the woods’ edge to a focal point tree. Unlike native dogwoods, I’ve seen Kousa dogwoods thriving in full sun, as parking lot trees. That’s a tough tree!

Kousa dogwoods range in size from 15 to 30 ft tall and wide, depending on location.

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