A holiday poem by me!

December 22, 2015 Dave Marciniak 0 Comments

‘Twas the holiday season and out in the shed

your favorite designer had just bumped his head.

I staggered on out and into the night

when above me there shone a soft warm red light.


It’s Rudolph! I hollered, now feeling no pain,

stopped rubbing my noggin and called them by name:

“On Hosta! On Mahonia! On Compost, on Mulch!

On Ranunculus, Nepeta, and Sedum ‘Deep Gulch’!

I know I’ve forgot one but what can I do?
But simply point up and call out, Hey you!”


The dog was freaked out and was barking away

as there on my roof, a lipstick red sleigh

perched on the peak for my eyes to see

and just then the old elf slid down the chimney.


I crashed through the back door with one thought in mind,

could Santa be prodded with cookies and wine?

To give me the gift that I’ve wanted for years,

A real compost cannon with steampunkish gears?


I ran to the den to go plead my case

when I stopped short at the smile on Santa’s wise face

“I can’t give you a cannon, son, for without a doubt

you’re the type of moron who’d shoot his eye out!


But since you’ve been good and brought beauty and light

to all of your clients, I promise this night

your seeds will all sprout, your flowers will bloom

the beauty of Nature will fill outdoor rooms

I bring people joy just one night a year,

now here are the tools to spread much more cheer!”



He set down some boxes and before I could blink

he shot up the chimney, quick as a wink!

I trudged up the stairs, happy but worn,

to sleep like a rock until Christmas morn.


I tell you this story to get this off my chest

with every last one of you, I’m truly blessed

My wish now is for you to be of good cheer,

Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

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