3 appliances your outdoor kitchen HAS to have this year

We all love game shows, right? I think we’re mere years away from the future predicted in the movie The Running Man, where every major decision in society is made before a live audience. And for the record, I watched Joe Millionaire so I have no stones to throw. But I am culturally aware.


So here’s the premise: your boss heard you just put in a pool and redid your backyard and volunteered your house for the next company get-together. You’re going to need to provide food and beverages for the masses and everything needs to be top quality. Let’s assume you have a grill, because otherwise this would be a stupidly obvious blog post. What are three appliances you’ll have to have in your Virginia outdoor kitchen? Go!

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Style Power Burner

Do you know what 60,000 BTUs looks like? Remember that scene at the end of Terminator 2 where Ah-nold lowered himself into the molten steel? It’s kind of like that.


The power burner’s intense heat is perfect for crab boils or any other boil (corn, shrimp, haggis) where you want to get huge amounts of water to 212 degrees as fast as possible. That sort of intense heat is also perfect for stir frying. You can’t get that sort of heat on a residential indoor range, but you’ll be able to live out your wok and roll fantasies (like that?) with this appliance. MSRP is $1616 but contact me for current specials.

Alturi Beverage Center with Sink

Uh-oh, chief, the corner office crew is headed your way and they look thirsty! Better whip up some margaritas for them, and maybe a Shirley Temple for the intern. He’ll laugh about it later, just hope he doesn’t become your boss. Who’s he related to again?


The beverage center has the ice bin, condiment tray, and speed rail to keep all your components close at hand, with a sink to wash fresh glasses in and a bottle opener for those who prefer beer (or grape Nehi) to spirits. The LED lights will keep the party going well after the sun drops below the trees. MSRP is $1799 but contact me, we can do better than that.

Tuscan Chef Deluxe Family Oven

This is your chance to strut your stuff. After this shindig do your co-workers refer to the epic picnic at your place, or do they speak in hushed tones about the employee who threw a mediocre bash the week before security helped box up the whole cubicle? Grills are awesome (and I am the best Virginia outdoor kitchen and grill source, don’t forget!) but you know what’s memorable? Crisp, delicate, delicious pizzas from a wood fired oven. Rather that mess with all the masonry and effort of building one from scratch you should get a Tuscan Chef Deluxe Family Oven.


This model takes up a pretty small footprint, 27.5″ wide x 19″ deep, but you’ll be knocking out pizzas every 2-4 minutes. At the end of the evening you’ll be the hero, and who doesn’t want that? If you buy a Tuscan Chef oven as part of a larger kitchen, list starts at $2199. Contact me for details.

Those are my top three appliance choices. You’ll still want a fridge (I recommend a Summit two-drawer unit) and an ice maker (Fire Magic makes a great one!) but those are your workhorses. These three appliances… these are what get you noticed!

Enjoy your corner office on Monday. You earned it.


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