How Much Does a New Front Landscape Cost in Virginia?

How Much Does a New Front Landscape Cost in Virginia?


A lot of pricing questions are pretty vague and nebulous, to the point where they’re as useful as asking the guys at Top Gear “hey, what does a car cost?” The answer falls somewhere between a used Ford Pinto and a Bugati Veyron. Landscaping is like that, but at least asking the cost of a front landscape in Virginia narrows it down some. You’re unlikely to put a pool out front, or a fireplace, or an outdoor kitchen, so we’re looking at fewer variables. Let’s break it down as simply as possible, focusing on a pretty “standard” northern Virginia home like this one:




If there are existing plantings, removals/pruning/transplanting is the wild card in terms of price, so we’ll ignore it for now and assume planting on virgin ground with no significant removals of sod, trees, mature shrubs, etc. That being the case, I’d figure on $2500-5000 for a pretty basic front foundation planting, $5000-10000 for something a bit more layered, nuanced, and interesting.



In most cases the front walk that the builder provided needs torn out, but again – it’s a really variable cost, so we’ll ignore it for now. A new concrete walk generally averages $8-12 per sq ft, pavers average $15-25 per sq ft, and flagstone and/or brick on new concrete averages $30-35 per sq ft (I don’t generally recommend flagstone on stone dust for front walks because I believe a front walk should be as smooth and consistent as possible). For most homes, that means you could be as low as $2000-3000 for a new concrete walk or $4000-7000 for a flagstone walk.




Porches and Porticos can really run a wide range in terms of cost. A portico can cost from $15,000 on the low end to $20-30,000 on the higher end (stone, composite trims, copper roof, etc). Porches will generally start at $25-30,000 for a pressure treated wood porch and can climb to $50,000 and above for a larger porch with composite decking, composite, trim, etc. It’s a great way to enhance the beauty and value of your home, while keeping you and your guests dry when it rains.


Landscape lighting prices are very site specific, but in general the transformer is your most expensive component. To get in the ballpark, I tell folks to assume no less than $200 per fixture installed as a way to approximate a starting price for their project. The costs can be higher depending on type and quality of fixtures chosen, where they’re installed (a fixture mounted 30 feet up a tree has a higher labor cost than a pathlight on a ground stake), and other factors.

These are a few of the most common projects we tackle to help homeowners begin the process of personalizing their homes. Hopefully this gives you an idea of starting costs. How do you know if you’re getting the best layout and materials for your home? Why, you call a landscape designer! If you’re ready to make your house the best looking home on the block, call us at 703-679-8550 to schedule a consultation today. I can’t wait to make your neighbors jealous!

Dave Marciniak is a landscape designer and speaker. He lives in Culpeper, Virginia and can be found via his website and on Twitter.

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