Stamped Concrete Steps

In the post I just did about stamped concrete, I failed to mention one of my other issues with stamped concrete: the vertical surfaces (steps, turndown edges, etc) often look badly done- like a child’s attempt at making Fred Flintstone’s house out of Play-Doh. This is one more area in which I’ve been impressed recently. Here’s a shot of a set of steps that a stamped concrete contractor in northern Virginia just did for one of my clients:

I grew up in New England, where it’s not unusual for someone to use big slabs of stone for their front steps. This is actually pretty impressive, and I figured it was worth sharing.

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  1. Hi! We just wanted to weigh in as we are the concrete contractors that created these steps! Glad that you are impresssed with our work!
    Dave Joyce & Melanie Joyce
    TDJ Concrete
    703 498 3208

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