How to Design and Build a Pergola: The Basics

how to design and build a pergola

You’ve seen the pictures online or in magazines: beautiful people relaxing under the shade of a beautiful pergola, perhaps a rustic chandelier dangling from the cross members as a wisp of vine snakes its way up the corner. And you want it. Have to have it. But you have NO idea where to start. That’s why I’m here. Let’s talk about how to design and build a pergola.

In this super short video I’ll walk you through the basics of pergola construction. I cover what the primary pieces are, why they’re important, and considerations to keep in mind as you think through your future structure. Didn’t answer all your questions? I have three possible solutions for you:

  1. Be patient. More videos on this topic are in the pipeline.
  2. Hire me. I’m a great value if I do say so, and my online landscape design service means you don’t even have to be in Virginia!
  3. If you have a specific question in mind, drop into my open office hours every Wednesday at 7 pm Eastern. I’d love to answer your question!

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