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7 Quick Ideas for Outdoor Decorating: Guest Post

Over the last several months I’ve become friends with Tim Murenzi, principal of Tumo Designs. They have offices in Tampa, FL and Los Angeles, CA and also offer online e-design services. I love Tim’s work (check out one of my favorite Tumo Design projects here) so I asked him to weigh in with an interior designer’s perspective on outdoor living. Check it out, and if you’re looking for a great interior designer be sure to contact Tim!

Almost any outdoor living space can be transformed into a space you enjoy just as much as
your living room, or even more than. But before you can re-design that boring patio into something
stellar, you should really think of how you will be using that space first.

Will you be using the space for entertainment? How about just family time conversation surrounding
a fire pit roasting marshmallows? Other questions you should ask yourself: Does the space get a lot
of sunlight? Wind? Does it rain a lot where you live? These questions are important so you know the
type of fabrics to use, colors and even the feel of the space!

Add a few new pillows


Throw pillows are our favorite. You can easily bring some color into the space by using patterned
or colored throw pillows. Besides, who doesn’t love pillows? Another great thing is that pillows are
not that expensive. Try not to overwhelm your space with these though. 3 or 4 on your outdoor sofa
should do!

String lights to brighten your outdoor area

string lights outdoor table

On almost all of our outdoor projects, we add a bit more light to the space using some string lights!
Not only are they inexpensive, but they bring a whole new environment to your space!

Hang some baskets, and add plants!

flowers hanging basket

We love plants just as the next guy does! You can get amazing baskets at Michael’s craft stores
and some hooks to hang them with. Throw in some colorful plants to bring some more color in the
space. We suggest getting plants that match those throw pillows! Not only does this look stellar,
but it’s also a really great DIY project for your weekend.

Style up your coffee table

patio coffee table

Ever get stuck on a coffee table centerpiece? We sure have! There are so many options when it comes
to table decoration. Being outdoor you will want something that can stand the conditions that they would
go through. Another great DIY project: Head over to Michael’s or your local craft store, grab some beach
sand or small rocks/pebbles and Ivory candles. Pick out a big enough glass container that can hold the candles
and there you go! It looks great and adds additional lighting/mood to your outdoor space!

Include Poufs for extra seating

creative unusual outdoor seating

If you are into entertainment as much as we are, then you’re going to want extra seating! Poufs are inexpensive and
not to mention: So comfortable! You’ll want to nap on them for sure. Many are very easy to clean and they are fairly
durable depending on the type of fabric you choose.

Put some throw blankets out there

blanket for cool patio weather

Have you ever been outside just reading or enjoying the view and sounds, then all of a sudden you
get this chill breeze? Fear no more! Throw blankets are an awesome way to beat that breeze that
overcomes you. They’re a great way to add more color to your space as well!

How about hanging plants

hanging herbs

This is another great DIY project for you to do on the weekend and looks fabulous. Like to garden?
Consider a hanging plant wall. They are easy to do, and really great for your back when you don’t
have to bend over on a normal garden. Here is a great blog post to get some killer DIY ideas for
hanging gardens:

So whether you want a new garden, bring some pop of color, or just want a more relaxing space,
there are so many things you can do to accomplish your dream outdoor living space! Thanks for

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