The Best Pruning Saw I’ve Ever Bought – It’s Amazing!

Every once in a while I tackle pruning and shaping jobs for clients. For example we were doing a planting job the other day and a tree needed limbed up. I knew the look I wanted so I went ahead and did it, leaving the boys to the planting.

best pruning saw
Image credit: Workwear Canada

The best pruning saw I’ve used

Last year I was at an arborist’s supply shop here in Culpeper and saw the Silky Pocket Boy 170 (no, it’s actually NOT an affiliate link. I just really like the saw). At fifty bucks it was twice what I usually pay for a basic pruning saw from the box stores, but now I see why. It’s seriously the best pruning saw I’ve ever used. It weighs less than half a pound and is so perfectly balanced that it feels like a sheet of paper in the hand. Cutting? This saw is probably the closest I will ever come to wielding a light saber. Effortless is a decent word for it, although I don’t know if it goes far enough.


I love that it also comes with a hard plastic case with a belt loop. It’s small enough and light enough that I could see myself easily losing this, and again – it’s the best pruning saw I’ve ever used. I’d be super disappointed if I lost it. Generally I just think this is a brilliant tool and a wonderful example of why paying a little extra for high quality cutting tools makes a world of difference. We’ve all heard that a dull cutting tool is a dangerous cutting tool, and I have the scars to prove it. The way this thing slices through wood is a thing of beauty. MJ and I have talked about starting back to camping and if we do, I’m buying a second one of these for the camping footlocker.

Is this the best pruning saw EVER? Probably not, I’m sure I could spend even more money and be even more amazed. But it’s the best pruning saw I’ve used and I’m in love. Now I’m just trying to resist the urge to cut everything with it, like when I bought my Sawzall…

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