Really Cool Outdoor Fireplaces and Features

February 22, 2011 Dave Marciniak 0 Comments

One of the perks of my job is that I get to wander the internet in search of really cool products to use in my clients’ projects. I came across a company called Raw Urth Designs. They’re a metal fabrication and design firm based in Colorado, and they make gorgeous fireplaces and fire features. Like this one:

credit: photo and design by Raw Urth Designs (click to visit)

I love their story, too. You can read it on their site, but essentially they’re a couple who ran a landscape design/build company and couldn’t find the pieces they wanted for their clients, so they designed and built them themselves. Hm, sounds like how I got started doing custom arbors and trellises! I love their model, because they have stock pieces but will also do totally custom pieces as well.

Credit: Photo and design by Raw Urth Designs (click to visit)

Aren’t these great? If you love what you see and you want to work one into your landscape design, contact me and let’s get the ball rolling.

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