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Edible landscaping

January 29, 2021 Juliette Blew 1 Comment

At Revolutionary Gardens, it’s our goal to create outdoor spaces where you WANT to be. One way to ensure our clients interact with the landscape we design for them is to incorporate edible plants. The thing is, anyone can pick up a few blueberry plants and chuck them in their side yard. We see these plants as valuable design features, not just means to a (tasty) end.

From fruit trees and berry bushes to bountiful herb gardens, edible plants can serve you in so many more ways than just providing you with a snack. For example, cherry trees are touted from Washington, DC, to Bonn, Germany, to Japan for their delicately beautiful canopy of pink blossoms in springtime. You can capture that beauty in your own backyard- and end up with enough cherry preserves at the end of the season to feed your whole neighborhood! 

Your edible garden

The fact is- the edible nature of these plants is just one of their many characteristics. A cohesive edible garden design deftly intermingles its edible plants with the rest of the landscape. It considers their blooms, bark texture, shape, size, and all other notable characteristics just as if they were any other plant.

The result isn’t necessarily recognizable as an orchard or an herb garden, per se. Instead, it’s a bountiful landscape that appeals to all of your senses. You see scarlet pomegranate blossoms, hear the buzzing honeybees lazily drifting from flower to flower, smell the nostalgia of a home cooked meal as you run your hands across the soft mats of thyme and nodding rosemary fronds, and yes, you get to eat it all, too.

herb and edible garden in Culpeper VA backyard

As I get older, I realize more and more just how rewarding it is to eat and share a well-cooked meal you’ve prepared with your own hands. Even when the ingredient list was cultivated at the grocery store, enjoying a home-cooked meal with loved ones is something special. Now, when the ingredients themselves are the literal fruits of your own labor, that feeling is amplified tenfold. In this way, edible gardens really are a gift that keeps on giving. 

Let us do the heavy lifting to give you the edible garden of your dreams! Reach out and we can work together to design something perfect for your needs.

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    April 4, 2022 REPLY

    I’m looking for elderberry plants, Johns, Adams and York. Do you sell them?

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