Are Your Christmas Lights Murdering Your Plants?

Is that the most click-baity headline ever? Anyhow, the short answer to that burning question: maybe.


The problem with old school, incandescent holiday lights (don’t send me hate mail for that, people use them for Hanukkah and Yule, too) is that they give off a fair bit of heat. Where this becomes a problem is that during winter, your plants take a nap. They’re dormant, which allows them to make it through the swings of winter weather. If you use incandescent bulbs, they can actually throw off enough heat to come out of dormancy. Think of Yogi Bear waking up in the middle of hibernation, wandering groggily through a blizzard in search of a pic-a-nic basket. Bad stuff would happen.

Luckily, as always science saves the day. Use LED holiday lights and not only will you save money on electricity usage, you’ll keep your plants safe. Happy Holidays and enjoy your (LED) lights!

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