Miss Kim – A lilac for smaller spaces

Ferry Farm, the birthplace of George Washington, has what I consider to be “old fashioned” lilacs. They’re huge, sprawling, rangy things that look absolutely amazing on bigger properties where they have room to do what they do. But if you try to squish one or two in a tight subdivision lot, the results can be less than stellar. This is why so many people tell me “I don’t like lilacs”. Everyone wants a tiger cub. A full grown tiger, on the other hand, is a whole other set of issues.



The Miss Kim Lilac, aka Syringa patula ‘Miss Kim’, is a much smaller and more compact variety that works well in small spaces. Monrovia lists the size as 6-8 feet at full maturity, but some annual pruning can keep her to a reasonable 5 feet x 5 feet – perfect for most suburban foundation beds and similar spaces. I feel you give up a little in the bloom department, but you still get really pretty purple blooms. And it’s one more harbinger of spring!

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