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Can Landscaping Be Done in the Fall or Winter?

Hey, I get it. After an earthquake, a hurricane, and four weeks of rain you weren’t thinking about your next landscape project. Don’t feel bad. No one else was either. Here at Revolutionary Gardens World Headquarters we were shaking the phones and the modem to see if they were working. Now that the weather is gorgeous, everyone is back to thinking about the outside but they’re worried they missed the window. So did you miss the window?

Probably not.

There are no hard and fast rules about fall and winter landscaping in northern Virginia. We’re in a pretty mild area of the country, so while I don’t like to plant tender perennials after the frost date trees and shrubs are mostly fair game all year. Most construction projects can be accomplished as well, providing the contractor is experienced enough to understand when the temperatures may be an issue. Just know that the final cleanup and grading may not be completed until everything thaws out. There’s not much you can do with wheel ruts that are frozen in place.

The bottom line is that this is a good time of year to build. If you’re just starting to think about your project, this is a GREAT time to start the design process. With the leaves off the trees we can see things that are obscured in the summer, I don’t have quite as many installation projects vying for my attention, and if we time it right you’ll kick off the spring with a beautiful new landscape. Give me a call and we’ll get going!

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