Landscape Practices that Need to be Nuked from Space


If I'm being honest and open with you I should admit that I have opinions. Strong ones. And the longer I do this landscape designer thing the more I notice things that are really just awful. Here are some heinous crimes against nature and good taste that I've seen. If you do any of these we can probably still be friends, but... we're not hanging out at your place. Or where I … [Read more...]

Kickstarter Watch: A Solution to Trimming Around Obstacles?


Welcome to another installment of Kickstarter watch, also called "what I find while surfing the internet during breakfast"! Today's project submitted for your approval is called Wackanomore, a garage invention designed to solve a common problem. If you have street signs, fire hydrants, or other fixed (non-living) objects in your yard you either have to trim around them when you … [Read more...]

What Do I Think Are the Best Pavers for Your Virginia Landscape?


There is a bewildering array of options if you're looking for a paver patio, walk or driveway in northern Virginia. Each stone supplier has anywhere from one to five paver manufacturers they stock, and each manufacturer can have anything from a handful of pavers to the whopping TWENTY-SEVEN pavers and slabs offered by Techo-Bloc. How do you make sense of this? How's a layperson … [Read more...]