Come see me at the Capital Remodel and Garden Show today through Sunday!


It's as if I blinked and suddenly boom! It's home show season again. I will be speaking at the Capital RemodelĀ and Garden Show at Dulles Expo Center , talking about easy tips to create YOUR perfect backyard. Want to know when to find me? FRIDAY FEBRUARY 27: 1 pm SATURDAY FEBRUARY 28: 3 pm SUNDAY MARCH 1: 5 pm You can buy your tickets here, and use the coupon code … [Read more...]

How Renting Tools Can Make Your Landscape Projects 1000x Easier


I grew up with a dad who was very handy and not afraid to try new projects around the house. If you could hold a Time Life home improvement book open with a brick while trying something, dad was all in. And then I started working for my brother's landscape business when I was 16 and it's been go ever since. As a result I've just always sort of known that when you're doing a … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Reduce Maintenance in Your Landscape Design


I'm a lazy gardener. With the hours I work (for which I'm grateful, of course) it's hard to find time to putter around the yard for hours. I recognize that many of my clients are in the same boat, but with the added problem of not having over a decade of experience caring for plants. As a result I make a low maintenance landscape design a priority for my clients throughout … [Read more...]

Landscape Practices that Need to be Nuked from Space


If I'm being honest and open with you I should admit that I have opinions. Strong ones. And the longer I do this landscape designer thing the more I notice things that are really just awful. Here are some heinous crimes against nature and good taste that I've seen. If you do any of these we can probably still be friends, but... we're not hanging out at your place. Or where I … [Read more...]