Kickstarter Watch: A Mighty Pizza Oven!!!


Everything sounds better with "the mighty" preceding it. The mighty broccoli! See? It doesn't look like just marketing hype with the Mighty Pizza Oven, getting ready to wrap up on Kickstarter in the next couple of days. They still need more backers so I really wanted to promo it. Since I'm a little pressed for time, here are some quick thoughts on it: the only reason I'm … [Read more...]

5 Things a Gardener Can Do On a Snow Day


I've lived here long enough, you wouldn't think I'd keep falling into the trap of thinking I can bang out my backyard projects in a mild late winter timeframe. I can't take my truck anywhere right now because I have approximately 3,000 pounds of stone slabs in the back. I can't get them out without a machine, and I can't justify renting a machine until I can also start my patio … [Read more...]

Come see me at the Capital Remodel and Garden Show today through Sunday!


It's as if I blinked and suddenly boom! It's home show season again. I will be speaking at the Capital Remodel and Garden Show at Dulles Expo Center , talking about easy tips to create YOUR perfect backyard. Want to know when to find me? FRIDAY FEBRUARY 27: 1 pm SATURDAY FEBRUARY 28: 3 pm SUNDAY MARCH 1: 5 pm You can buy your tickets here, and use the coupon code … [Read more...]

How Renting Tools Can Make Your Landscape Projects 1000x Easier


I grew up with a dad who was very handy and not afraid to try new projects around the house. If you could hold a Time Life home improvement book open with a brick while trying something, dad was all in. And then I started working for my brother's landscape business when I was 16 and it's been go ever since. As a result I've just always sort of known that when you're doing a … [Read more...]