Science Wednesday! Why do we use mulch?


Every spring I'm treated to the wafting aroma of fresh mulch as I take Bonnie on her twice-daily walks. To me, mulch smells like money but I get that it doesn't have the same positive associations for everyone. If you're not as big a fan of the mulch as I am you may wonder: why the heck do we use mulch? 3 Reasons for Using Mulch There are compelling reasons for using … [Read more...]

How much does a water feature cost?


Who doesn't love running water in the landscape? From a delicately bubbling fountain to an impressive waterfall crashing several feet down to a pond there's a water feature that's right for just about everyone. But what do they cost? That's the big question. How much do you need to budget for a great backyard water feature? Fountain kits Fountain kits are a great way to … [Read more...]

Designs for a sloped yard to make it easier to maintain (and fun to look at!)

This is a mix of cotoneaster, winter jasmine, miscanthus, spiraea, and a whole lot more

HGTV, the internet, and numerous other entertainment and information sources have made people much more aware of what's possible in the landscape. At this point most people my age have at least seen photos or video of grotto pools with massive waterfalls, backyard putting greens, and outdoor kitchens. All that exposure doesn't help with a very basic problem a lot of us run … [Read more...]

The best landscape patio & paving choices – what’s new?


Walking and standing in mud is kind of a bummer, so centuries ago people got the idea to lay stones on the ground and stand on those. Brilliant! Over the years since then we've had a lot of advances in technology. That means not only new manmade products, but the ability to quarry and ship natural stone products from all over the world. Here's what you should check out for … [Read more...]