Tree peonies and herbaceous peonies and intersectionals, oh my!


Normally I'm really hardcore when it comes to road trips. We pull out of the driveway and we don't stop till we reach the destination, with the exception of short food, fuel, and bathroom breaks. However, I knew that on the drive back from Rhode Island this week I'd be within a few miles of Peonys Envy, a peony grower in New Jersey that's supplied several tree peonies for one … [Read more...]

Bagged mulch vs bulk mulch: which is better?


Growing up working for my brother, we always bought bulk mulch for landscape jobs. That meant driving to the supplier, waiting for the tractor to dump in as much mulch as the truck could hold, and then driving to the jobsite and wheelbarrowing it into place. That's the way mulch was done. After college I went to work for Lodder's Nursery in Ohio as a foreman and they did … [Read more...]

Perennial means always: old fashioned plants we’ll always love

virginia landscape design

You know what's great about being a landscape designer? You get to see the deeper meaning that some plants have for people. I've had clients tear up when I suggest a plant because it was their grandma's favorite, or they associated it with time at the family farm. I've had plenty of specific requests. I've even had that terrifying moment when someone shares that such and such … [Read more...]

Hiring a landscape contractor – can you chance the new kid?

"I thought we agreed, no checky no mowy. You're busting my chops, pal. This ain't Romper Room"

Remember when you first went out on the job market? No one wanted to hire you without experience and you couldn't get experience because no one would hire you. Not only has that not changed for young kids on the job market, now they have to listen to us older people complain online about "those awful Millennials". Good times. Anyone who decides to hang out her shingle as small … [Read more...]