Japanese Plum Yew (Cephalotaxus harringtonia)

Japanese Plum Yew

Hmmm…. What kind of plant can we put in that deep, dark corner of the yard over there? A question many of us ask ourselves time and time again when designing outdoor spaces, because finding plants to fill the gloomiest corners and deepest shade areas can be the ultimate challenge for gardeners and landscape designers […]

Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala spp. petiolaris)


Although not used as commonly as its shrubbier cousins, the climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala spp. petiolaris) is definitely one of the more impressive members of the Hydrangea family. Stretching to over 75 feet in some cases, climbing hydrangeas are deciduous clinging vines that can scale vertical surfaces via twining (wrapping themselves around a structure) and […]

Greenspire Linden (Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’)


Greenspire Linden (Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’), a cultivar of Little Leaf Linden, is basically the renaissance tree of city living. Although constrained somewhat by its sizeable proportions (it can reach up to 50 feet in height), Greenspires can not only tolerate, but thrive, in a multitude of climates, soils, and urban conditions that would leave similar […]

One That Got Away: Challenging Retaining Wall in DC


One of my favorite things to do on this blog is to profile recent projects. It’s a fun opportunity to show what’s possible, and maybe brag a little. Hey, my clients let me create some great landscape designs for them! As I was thinking about a recent sale I didn’t close I realized I should […]

Otto Lukyen Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus)


Although Otto Luyken laurels (Prunus laurocerasus ‘Otto Luyken’) are well-liked and extremely popular with landscape professionals (they make great evergreen foundation shrubs and hedges), these background beauties are less familiar to the general public because they’re not exactly flashy. They don’t scream, “Buy me! Buy me!” at the nursery (well, not so that I can […]