My WORX Aerocart review

Dave says: reading the manual is haaaaaaaard!

Full disclosure: I blog for WORX, so for one of my posts they sent me an Aerocart for free. When I got the offer to blog for WORX, I checked out their product lineup. Having used pro grade equipment for my entire adult life I'm not usually too excited by stuff made for the homeowner market. Take my string trimmer, for example. I only use it at my property, and can we be … [Read more...]

What I’m Working on in 2015


Long time readers of this blog will know that I have a deeply ingrained pattern of making big plans for my yard and then accomplishing little more than occasionally cutting the grass. No more! I'm finally making progress this year, and I'm feeling GOOD. This is the latest plan. It's ambitious, but I've finally accepted that it's not happening all in one weekend, … [Read more...]

Mom wants a Virginia outdoor kitchen for Mother’s Day

get mom virginia outdoor kitchen

My mom had three boys. I think she must have listened to Tammy Wynette (or the Blues Brothers) sing "sometimes it's hard to be a woman, giving all your love to just one man" and thought "honey, try living with these three savages." What made it worse was that 12 years separate me from my older brother, and 10 years separate me from my little brother. There was constantly a boy … [Read more...]

Kickstarter Watch: A Mighty Pizza Oven!!!


Everything sounds better with "the mighty" preceding it. The mighty broccoli! See? It doesn't look like just marketing hype with the Mighty Pizza Oven, getting ready to wrap up on Kickstarter in the next couple of days. They still need more backers so I really wanted to promo it. Since I'm a little pressed for time, here are some quick thoughts on it: the only reason I'm … [Read more...]