Who cares for your landscape? That’s the last step in the design!

culpeper landscape design

If I had a penny for every client who included "I want a low/no maintenance design" as part of their wish list, well... 170 pennies are in a pound, so I'd have a stack that weighs more than my biggest cat. I get it. We're all busy, whether it's work or kids or church or all of that, and we want something that will look as good in two years as it does today. But wait, landscapes … [Read more...]

Travertine Paver Patio Installers in Virginia – What to Know

Travertine pavers installed in Virginia

When I was designing landscapes in Arizona, one option we had available to us was travertine marble tile. These were actual tiles - typically 12"x12" and less than a half inch think - so they had to be laid in a mortar bed on a concrete slab. Shortly after landing in Virginia in 2005, I started seeing travertine pavers make an appearance. These are really cool because … [Read more...]

Garden Art and Ornament in Northern Virginia

Garden Art Sign

Truer words, am I right? Consider the source, though. You know Thoreau was running around Walden Pond naked as a jaybird. Anyhow, context: this weekend MJ came with me to visit a client in Maryland, and we looped around and came home through Point of Rocks. As we came down route 15, we came to the Old Lucketts Store. We've driven by here dozens of times and it's always … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Landscaping with Kids

Now that's a path!

With the end of another winter upon us, I’m reminded of my mom’s summertime refrain: “David, go outside and play!” Here’s a list of ten things to think about when creating a play space for your kids (or grandkids, or nieces and nephews, or whomever): 1-    Love The Lawn. With a little imagination a lawn is a soccer pitch, waterfight battlefield, or a perfect spot from which … [Read more...]

Elements of Design: Line

We all know what a line is: a connection of two or more points. In design, line happens when two planes meet, or when we see an object in silhouette. Line helps us play with scale and proportion by emphasizing height, width, or movement. There are several types of lines, each with a particular effect that it creates. Straight Lines Horizontal lines: Horizontal lines are secure, … [Read more...]