Space Planning to Make a Beautiful Vienna Virginia Backyard Better

water feature in Vienna Virginia VA

I'm often called in to make an existing landscape function better. The client doesn't to rip it all out and start from scratch, but they need to fix... something. Usually it's my job to figure out what that something is. This project is a great example. You can see in the photo above that they have a cool little water feature, built with big chunky boulders. It's a great … [Read more...]

Travertine Paver Patio Installers in Virginia – What to Know

Travertine pavers installed in Virginia

When I was designing landscapes in Arizona, one option we had available to us was travertine marble tile. These were actual tiles - typically 12"x12" and less than a half inch think - so they had to be laid in a mortar bed on a concrete slab. Shortly after landing in Virginia in 2005, I started seeing travertine pavers make an appearance. These are really cool because … [Read more...]