Pre-Fab Modern Sheds

When I say “shed” what do you think? I imagine you probably think of your average, run-of-the-mill garden shed like mine:

It’s functional, if not the sexiest thing in the world. What if your personal style is a bit more modern? Luckily there are alternatives. You could have a shed custom designed for you (a service I provide, by the way), or you could go with a pre-fabricated shed. In doing some research for a client, here are a few sites I came across:

Cabin Fever

The folks at Cabin Fever are based out of Miami and design and produce pre-fab buildings that are really cool. The clients I’m working with are considering the Zip Cabin (shown above), which is a pretty neat little building. Even MJ kind of wants one, which is saying a lot. “My wife” and “modernist” don’t generally belong in the same sentence.

Modern – Shed

What’s not to love about a company with the tagline “Get a room”? Modern-Shed is based out of Washington state with dealers around the country. They offer a pretty extensive range of sheds and outbuildings, all with a really cool aesthetic.


MetroShed is an offshoot of a British company that now has offices in the US. They’re pretty cool little spaces, and having looked at a lot of European garden porn, I’d say they have a definite Euro look to them.

What’s great about going the pre-fab route is that all the thinking has already been done. These are designs that work, and they’re generally sized for maximum economy of materials and time. This means that they can be manufactured efficiently and with a minimum of waste, reducing costs and making the process more sustainable. Any of these sheds could be a central component to your Virginia landscape design project, as storage, an office, or even a studio. Contact me to make it happen.

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David Marciniak