Edible Landscaping in Virginia

Have I ever mentioned Edible Landscaping? They’re a nursery in Afton, VA that sells all kinds of food-producing plants. They offer the cool, oddball varieties that require a warm, sunny spot for overwintering- coffee, citrus- but where they excel is with edible plants that have a track record of doing well in Virginia. There’s a huge assortment of berry bushes available, fruit trees, nut trees, and herbs. This past fall, MJ and I drove out with friends Shawn and Thadd to check out Edible Landscaping’s Persimmon Festival. The owner places a heavy emphasis on trying the assorted fruits produced by his plants, and there were a number of varieties of persimmons out to sample. I don’t quite “get” the appeal of persimmons, but it was a fun day of food, speakers, and wandering the sprawling nursery grounds.

What appeals to me the most is that they do not use herbicides on their plants, and insect control is done sensibly, in an observe-THEN-react model, and then with the right, targeted organic control. That’s the model for how I choose to care for my plants, so it’s a good fit for me. I’m behind on my garden again (go figure), but I’m planning on a trip out there to pick up a few berry bushes, a hardy kiwi, and a fig tree. This fall, I’ll likely get my fruit trees planted so I can start espaliering them on the new fence. Edible Landscaping is a part of the Permaculture Design Course, and will be hosting a nursery tour April 14th as part of that course; anyone who wants to is welcome to tag along.

If you’re looking for a fun day trip, I’d recommend going. Nelson County has some other interesting places to stop, especially if you like Virginia wine. Edible Landscaping is a small, local business that I’m more than happy to support.

David Marciniak

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