DIY garden solutions are proof that we need better scientific literacy NOW


I opened my email this morning and there was one from Pinterest, simply titled "Homemade Weed Killer", that said Did you know vinegar is an effective weed killer? Unlike commercial products, it’s eco-friendly and won’t harm people, pets or the environment. Learn how to make your own all-natural solution with these Pins. Then dig into even more outdoor ideas... I knew what was … [Read more...]

Hiring a landscape contractor – can you chance the new kid?

"I thought we agreed, no checky no mowy. You're busting my chops, pal. This ain't Romper Room"

Remember when you first went out on the job market? No one wanted to hire you without experience and you couldn't get experience because no one would hire you. Not only has that not changed for young kids on the job market, now they have to listen to us older people complain online about "those awful Millennials". Good times. Anyone who decides to hang out her shingle as small … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day!


My mom had my older brother in 1963, me in 1975, and my little brother in 1985. That means that she was dealing with one crappy little punk-ass kid or another under the age of eighteen for FORTY YEARS. Having gone to Catholic high school I don't throw the word "saint" around often but someone canonize that woman. Seriously. I can certainly think of two gifts I inherited … [Read more...]

How a bunch of third graders got me excited for the future of landscaping


I built my business on referrals and networking out of sheer necessity: I went from employed to unemployed in a day, back in 2008. It's turned out to be a great way to build a business and it's presented some amazing (if unexpected) opportunities. One of the best networkers I know is Kara Macdonald with Pruitt Title in Vienna, VA. She connected me with a realtor who was helping … [Read more...]