Speaking in “Tungs” on Kickstarter


It's been said that I have a flair for the dramatic. When decorating a space, what better way to add drama than with lighting? I see too many examples of yards where lighting is strictly functional. Lighting can (and should) be so much more than a couple of uplights on the birch trees and a row of runway lights down the sidewalk. Poking around on Kickstarter, I came … [Read more...]

An Outdoor Cocktail Cart – for Gettin’ Sauced at the BBQ

Beverage Cart

It seems that all things go in and out of fashion on a cycle, and spirits and cocktails are very in right now. That's a great thing - one of my clients is opening a distillery - but it means entertaining has gotten more nuanced. When I was 23, a bottle of TGI Fridays mudslide mix, a bottle of vodka, and a bag of ice were the ingredients for a night in. Things have (thankfully!) … [Read more...]

A Steampunk Water Feature? Yes, Please!

Steampunk Fountain

No matter how attractive they are and how much we love the effect, there's no escaping the fact that water features follow cliches. You have the bubbling vase, the bubbling rock, the bubbling millstone, and the bubbling puddle. New England's Rock Art Studios created a one of a kind water feature, one they call "Steampunk Call to Prayer." Every piece they do is custom so you'll … [Read more...]

One That Got Away: Challenging Retaining Wall in DC


One of my favorite things to do on this blog is to profile recent projects. It's a fun opportunity to show what's possible, and maybe brag a little. Hey, my clients let me create some great landscape designs for them! As I was thinking about a recent sale I didn't close I realized I should blog about it as well. After all, what killed the deal were the realities of the … [Read more...]

What’s behind door # 1? Helping guests find your front door


I grew up in a 1950s ranch house in Rhode Island. It's the one in the photo above. You can see that there are two doors on the front of the house: the front door, which is in the center of the main structure, and the family room door (between the main structure and the garage). We could always tell when someone was coming to sell something because they'd walk right past the … [Read more...]